I had this dinner function where I met with Hill Harper tonight and, as loveistheessenceoflife can tell you, I was completely starstruck. My mom is a huge advocate of African-American writers so I grew up with his books in the house as well as always hearing his name and seeing his face so I was super excited to meet him. When he started talking I was` shocked at how relatable he is and although I shouldn’t have been, I was completely unprepared for how scintillating he is. 

I shyly asked him to sign my book (I thought I was going to get the standard ‘glad you’re a fan’ signature) and he wrote

'To Essence, courage!! Never stop writing!!'

And I’m over the moon about it. Over dinner he talked about how people will say that writers and jobs in humanities are pointless (I told him that I was a journalism major) and that you’ll never make money there but if it’s something that you love and that you have passion for, you have to be your own motivator because you’ll be happier that way. He’s an incredibly brilliant man and I was in awe.

So, yeah. That’s what I did tonight. 

(Also, fun fact, he went to school with Barack Obama at Harvard law and met him playing basketball in the empty gym. Obama was just as sassy back then as he is now. The story was hilarious.)